Jobid: 564, Facilities Technician (Central)

October 8, 2015

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Job Description
  • To carry out maintenance and repair work to the company’s plant, machinery, building and associated facilities.
  • To carry out daily checking and inspection of all M&E Systems every shift and keep daily records of reading on all M&E System, report any abnormalities to the Maintenance Supervisor.
  • To maintain and check all Chiller System, Cooling Towers, AHU/FCU, Pumps, VSD, Motorised and Actuator Valves; changing of air filters. Daily Chiller Log Report and temperature checking for hot spots and cold spots.
  • To supervise all contractors carrying out the regular preventive maintenance and repairs to our M&E System.
  • To assist in the respective Annual Shutdown servicing of Building ACMV and Power.
  • To assist in Tenants’ renovation, A&A and reinstatement works and carry out any work orders; and monthly reading of HRM reading for billing purposes.
  • To implement cost effective maintenance programs for the Building and trouble-shoot ACMV and M&E matters
  • To assist in monitoring the Building Automation System and report any abnormalities.
  • To co-ordinate with Fire Systems Maintenance Contractor to check and service the Building’s Fire System.
  • To assume firefighting role in fire evacuation drills and in the event of emergency situation.
  • To carry out any duties as may be necessary and assigned by the Management.





  • NITEC in Building / Engineering or related
  • Preferably with some work experience in repair and maintenance works
  • Able to work shift hours

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Jobid: 564, Technician


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